Super Digital Citizens

In Super Digital Citizen video, Mr. Pane is teaching his fifth graders about “how to be a good digital citizen and being able to evaluate when you go to websites what kind of information they might be after.” Mr. Pane does a very good job of making the lesson fun and relevant to his class. He starts with a quote from Spiderman which most of the class recognizes. This immediately grabs the kid’s attention and makes them more interested in the lesson. He discusses with his class what a digital citizen is, “a person who chooses to act safely, respectfully, and with responsibility whenever you are online.” He then asks for examples of how you can be a good digital citizen based off of their definition, this then leads into the activity. Mr. Pane is having his class create comic strips with digital superheroes who will save the day. The class has a fun time creating their superheroes and then having to put them into an imagined situation where they help solve a digital dilemma. Mr. Pane has his class create real life satiations of people not being good digital citizens and therefore needing a superhero to help them. Some of the digital dilemmas the kids superheroes face are stopping people who were gossiping online and stopping someone from putting personal information online. At the end of the activity, Mr. Pane had his class do a gallery walk; they went around and read their classmates comics. This gave the kids more ideas about what it means to be a good digital citizen and how it can affect them. I think gallery walks would be very important in a classroom. They get the kids up and moving around, they get to see other people’s ideas and perhaps have ah ha moments from them where they receive new insights from their classmate’s thoughts and work. This also gives the kids the opportunity to share their work and impress their friends. I will definitely have gallery walks in my classroom one day and perhaps even have them create digital superheroes!


One thought on “Super Digital Citizens

  1. Gallery walks can also be used with all age levels. It doesn’t have to just be elementary schoolers. Another great thing that can be done during gallery walks is send students around with sticky notes and they can leave notes on their classmates work. It gets them even more involved, and the students get feedback . It’s a win-win!


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