2.0 World

In recent years, our world has switched from a web 1.0 to a web 2.0. In our old wed 1.0 world the internet was a system of one-way communication. In the old wed we received information but didn’t put any out. The wed communicated only in one direction. Now, however, the web has expanded and everyone no matter who you are can send and receive things through the internet. Anyone can create and post and share whatever they want. The system has changed to a 2-way communication, we revive information but we also crest and share our own. The most recognizable would be social media such as facebook, twitter or Instagram. People post things and people read things through those sites. However, there are so many other sites that are wed 2.0 that people probably don’t know about. They are full of fun and creative ways to express yourself and share your ideas with the world from silly games to serious topics there is always a place to express yourself online. 

One site where you can do just that is Scratch. Scratch is a site where you can create your own videos, some of them interactive and other simply to watch. The videos are all animation and pretty short. A person using the site can not only create their own videos but also watch other peoples and comment on them. You can also see how the person made the video if you liked their ideas and want to incorporate them into your own video. Having a student use this site would be very beneficial in the classroom. Working through the site and having students create their own video would fit at least four of the ISTE Standards. The sight challenges kids to think critically and problem solve their way to creating a video. The site also promotes being a good digital citizen and would help students grow in understating of how to use technology. I would definitely say that this site is for higher elementary to middle school and older students. The site requires an understanding of how all the pieces fit together to create the video and there are a lot of things that go into it. I feel that it could be very confusing and overwhelming to younger students. However, the site is very good about having so many options. It’s pretty easy to create a basic video but the site also allows you to get super complicated with the designs. This helps to allow a wide range of people to access and use the site.

Big Huge Labs is another 2.0 website. This site allows you to create posters, magazine covers, trading cards, etc. The site allows you to alter and play with images to create these things. This site would also encourage creativity and problem solving for students.  The site allows teachers to set up their own account that they can link students to. This helps to protect the students and makes it easy for the teacher to access and view students work. The site is pretty easy to navigate and doesn’t have too many options as to overwhelm someone. I think that elementary students would be able to navigate the site and create their own art and projects using it. 

Another web 2.0 site that is great for teachers is Socrative. Socrative is a site that allows teachers to create quizzes or games or even exit tickets for their students. Students can access the site from any device including phones. This makes it easy for teachers to have student’s access the site. This site could fulfill standard number two for the ISTE Standards because the teacher can see all the students’ results and share with the class. The students can see how they did individually and as a group. The site is very easy to use and navigate making it easy for teachers and students. And because the teacher controls what the quizzes and things are it can be used for any age range. 

These are just three of many good 2.0 sites that are available for teachers and students to use to help in the classroom. There are always new sites being made and discovered. Thanks to the internet there are so many good ideas of ways to help in the classroom that there is no possible way to discover them all. 



One thought on “2.0 World

  1. I like your step by step process of evaluating these sites. Internalizing these steps is a good way to quickly and accurately decide whether a particular Web 2.0 tool is worth the precious instructional time to use in a classroom. As a teacher, Morgan, you are going to have lots of different ways to cover your content standards, its going to be important for you to be able to select the most appropriate ways to fit the needs of your students, your academic calendar, and your own professional expertise. I like the Big Huge Labs site, by the way. I wasn’t familiar with it and will have to check it out.

    Just a small stylistic comment- what’s going on with the fonts in this posting? Zany!


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