Multimedia Creation in the Classroom

In his book Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, and Other Powerful Wed Tools for Classrooms, Will Richardson has a chapter about Podcasting, video, and screencasting, and live streaming. Although the book is obvious a few years old, published in 2008, Will still has some good ideas about how to integrate technology in the classroom.  Will mostly talks about how to create these things and how the world but specifically how schools are using them. While I was reading I was thinking of ways I could use these things in my future classroom. I think I would start the kids off with a podcast. I would have them choose anything they want to talk about to create a podcast on. We could have a day of sharing and listening to each other’s podcasts. Once they have mastered podcast I would move to videos. I would love to have the students pick a book they have read in class and create a preview for it. Book Trailers for readers is a great site that allows students to create their own book trailers and post and shares them for others to see. Other sites that students could share their work to are youtubeteachertube  (similar to Youtube, but designed for teachers) and schooltube (another educational video website). I would love for students to post them online and then have them follow the video for the next few weeks so they can see how many views and likes they get. Doing this in the classroom would help fulfill many of the ISTE standards for the class such as creativity, informational fluency, and collaboration.

Other fun things that could be integrated into the classroom are digital storytelling: storycenter , digitalstorytelling and Or you could do fun mutimeda things with your class on theses sites: goanimate (Web 2.0 cartoon generator), powtoon (another fast & quick way to make animated videos) and vine (allows for 6 second looping videos).



One thought on “Multimedia Creation in the Classroom

  1. With project-based multimedia creation, not only do students address the core curriculum, but also meet the needs for a real-world connection, student decision-making, collaboration, and creative skills.
    This post is a great example of embedded hyperlinks to resources and other teacher tools. Nice work here!


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